About us

MCSM Scrap Yard - Company that pays Top Cash for Catalytic Converters & Scrap Metals

Best Scrap Yard in Brampton

We are a most trusted scrap yard and recycling centre in Brampton. Buying scrap metals, cars. converters, auto parts and batteries from individuals, towing guys and companies.

Why Choose us?

We are fully licenced.
We offer best price compare to others.
We are 100% ECO Friendly.
We can pick from your location.
Serving all areas in North America.

At MCSM recycling we deal in

Scrap Metals (Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Steel, Zinc, Brass. etc.)
Catalytic Converters
Scrap & Used Batteries
Alternators, Generators and motors
Air Conditioner Compressors